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Plant Catalog of Acosta Farms Nursery Wednesday, April 23, 2014  

Travelers Palm   Ravenala madagascariensis

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Exposure   Sun  
Average Height x Width   30’ T x 15’ W  
Typical Height   30’  
Water Requirements   Moderate  
Spacing   10’  
Cold Hardiness   30 - 40  
Hardiness Zone   10 - 11  
Growth Rate   Fast  
Origin   Madagascar  
Salt Tolerance   Moderate  
Drought Tolerance   Low  
Soil Requirements   Widely adaptable  
Light Requirements   Sun  
Nutritional Requirements   Moderate (slow release fertilizer recommended)  
Uses   Specimen tree, landscape  
Propagation   Seed  
Human Hazards   None  
Major Pest Problems    
Major Disease Problems    

Ravenala madagascariensis, commonly known as Traveler’s Palm or Travellers Palm, is a species of a banana-like plant from Madagascar. It is not a true palm (family Arecaceae) but a member of the bird-of-paradise family, Strelitziaceae. It is called the travellers palm because the stems hold rainwater that can be used as an emergency drinking supply. The enormous paddle-shaped leaves are born on long petioles in a distinctive fan shape aligned in a single plane. Unlike its close relative the Bird-of-paradise, the flowers are small and inconspicuous. The plant is widely cultivated for its distinctive foliage in tropical and subtropical regions.

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